Hand-drawing & Poster
Manifesto Overview
Since my artistic background is Chinese traditional ink painting and Western abstract oil painting, I deeply understand the influence of network and technology on art. Traditional art is gradually facing newer problems in the information age.
My Contributions
As a graphic designer and graphic artist, I devote myself to create a new workshop for teaching people about the technique of painting and hand-drawing. Such as how to use brush and ink, how to work with physical materials. At same time, let people find feeling and emotion go through the workshop.

In the fast food culture and the fast reading information age, how to guide people to touch the essence of art through the art form and material surface, how to stimulate the thinking mode and emotion of people's subjective thinking, and how to explore or create a new kind Art mode to blend it well. These questions have become the starting point of my graphic artwork.
From an artistic point of view, so many artistic thoughts and artistic movements which were born in that glorious moment in the twentieth century. They are radical and strongly, and they promote human thought and human society. In my artistic career, I have encountered such a situation. When some students took part in the art exhibition, they took photos and uploaded them to the Internet, which soon produced the effect of network culture communication.Although they probably could not understand the core of art, this kind of network behavior has become more normal in the 21st century. Artworks uploaded to the web were quickly distorted, commented and critiqued. It is difficult for people to think about the deeper meaning of art through their artworks. People have gradually ignored the most essential feelings and emotional relationships of people. Traditional art forms also face an insurmountable position in this deformed network environment.
Graphic Interviews for Graphic Artists
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Apr 2018 — Mar 2019