Photography & Body language
Photography Overview
Base on basic language system and the structure of human body language. In the first place, quote a question that how people communicate with using none written language.

How do people perceive things through their senses? In the photography, it’s showing the process that from diagram of language to the body language. And it discourses the connection between human body language and art work.
My Contributions
Go through the form of human body language, understanding the mean of visual art work. In the second place, it’s not only educate audience about body language and visual communication, but help them to use this form to communicate, even they have different culture background.
In this series of photography, Combine all of them back into the physical prints. There are two concepts of these prints. First place, follow the text and images, people can touch, can see, which help them understand the content about human senses. And this photography devotes to educate the audience about human body language, none written language. And, people can share information by looking photo. They even didn’t speak, but they communicate with each other already. It might be people use this new form of language to communicate in the new electric (or digital) era.
Human body language
Visual Developer
Apr 2019 — May 2019