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Currently, people reading on a variety of media platforms. However, I am not sure whether this kind of "reading" can be called as the actual reading. Actually, when we encountered with a word that had never seen before during reading, we would find out the correct pronunciation and try to remember it in a certain way.

Today, most characters in the world are phonemic script, such as Latin alphabet and Korean characters. We need to learn by phonetic alphabet of these words if we want to understand them.
My Contributions
People use Chinese characters for thousands of years. And western fonts convey the meaning through each letter of words, while Chinese characters can transmit their own individuality from each independent character.

As a graphic designer, we should be clear that the graphical elements should not be added too much in font design or destroy the entire font structure, this cannot be called as a novelty and originality of font design works.
In the design of Chinese characters, due to the radical structure and more complicated strokes, as long as you make minor alterations to the inherent structure on the typography, the work will bring people a profound visual impression. Therefore, the key point of Chinese characters design is "to enlarge the connotation expressed by the characters in the visual sense", which can reflect the visual communication between the works and the people. The visual communication is not only can be expressed by images and photography, designers can also uses the language as a visual symbol, designers can also uses the language as a visual symbol, combines the characters structures with the containing meaning and then forming a more rich cultural exchanges. For me, that is the significance of typography design in today.
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